Three through, UNILAD and PSG in trouble

The top EA SPORTS FIFA teams are in Paris for the FIFA eClub World Cup this weekend and the first five rounds of matches in Groups A and B were played on Saturday. Team Envy, FC Basel 1983 and Hashtag Academy have already booked their spots in the quarter-finals, while UNILAD and PSG both have it all to do. [hmp_player]

The right to bare arms: why women should reject the tyranny of ‘bingo wings’

Judy Murray has said she’ll no longer show her arms, and she can obviously wear what she likes – but I favour the halterneck, the almost-ultimate in audacious arm nudity Judy Murray, Strictly Come Dancing mother of those sporty Murrays, is set to eschew the vest top, owing to her fear of “bingo wings”. This, the Mail recaps informatively, is the “wobbly flesh on the backs of the upper arms that afflicts most women of a certain age” (Murray is 58; the age window for bingo wings is actually 20 to 100, but obviously the curve is more or less exponential). In the toolkit of oppressing women with perfectionism, criticising arms is a weird tool: it can be used on almost everybody, but you’re not quite sure what it is meant to achieve. Breasts, we can all understand: that’s sexual objectification, spliced with the ultimate in unattainability (they’re meant to be huge, but you’re still required to be thin). The washboard stomach, that’s self-discipline crossed with eternal youth; the Toblerone tunnel (look it up, I can’t describe it because I am prim), that’s: “OK, you’re trying, but could you look a bit more like Kate Moss?” Continue reading… [hmp_player]