The real Brexit debate: do you pronounce it Breggsit or Brecksit?

It’s not only the politicking of the UK’s impending departure from the EU that is tortuous – how to talk about it is proving equally divisive It’s the real issue dividing Britain. There are few now who believe Tim Farron’s resignation as Lib Dem leader wasn’t linked to it. The damp squib of Tony Blair’s return to British politics can be laid at its door. It’s Breggsit. The question of how to pronounce a word that appears at least five times in every news bulletin is an increasingly urgent issue. The double-G variant beloved by Tim and Tony isn’t restricted to centrist politicians down on their luck. It has spread far and wide, prompting agreement and fury in equal measure. If Brecksit “sounds like a shitty granola bar you buy at the airport”, as John Oliver put it, Breggsit is redolent of a fry-up in a Little Chef circa 1987. Which, depending on your point of view, may be an improvement. Continue reading… [hmp_player]