Kool G Rap Charged with ‘Shopping While Black’


Hip-hop legend Kool G Rap was charged with jacking a pair of pricey shoes — a charge that was later dropped — and he’s claiming it all happened for one reason — he’s black.

Kool G was ordered to appear in court back in June after he was accused by an employee at a PA Finish Line store of pilfering a pair of Nike LeBron 15’s — worth $185. The employee described the thief as an African-American male in his 40’s.

The rapper — who fits the description, was shopping at the mall that day, and was tracked down in the mall’s parking lot by a Finish Line employee who wrote down KGR’s vehicle’s registration number and immediately contacted cops. KGR was hit with misdemeanor theft.

Here’s where things got interesting, his lawyers — Donte Mills and Lennon Edwards of Mills & Edwards LLP — claim cops jumped the gun and never reviewed the store’s surveillance video. Had they looked …  they would have realized KGR never stepped foot in the joint. His attorneys say cops were just on the hunt for a black man in his 40’s and that was good enough for them. 

Cops belatedly determined the employee who tracked down KGR in the parking lot never eyeballed him … and that was enough for prosecutors to drop the case.

KGR and his legal team are prepping a massive lawsuit against Finish Line.

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