State Police: Federal lawmaker expresses fears over abuse by governors

The lawmaker representing Ohaji/Egbema/Oguta/Oru West federal Constituency of Imo State, Hon. Goodluck Opiah has expressed fears that State governors might use state Police to their advantage.

Speaking with DAILY POST in Abuja, he said, the creation of state Police was a constitutional issue that required intervention of upper and lower legislative chambers, saying critical questions would be raised if there was going to be an amendment to accommodate that.

Opiah suggested adequate training, equipping and recruitment of Police personnel to a sizeable number as recommended by the United Nations for proper community policing.

He stressed that the nation was under policed, thereby making it possible for criminals to attack communities and go scot-free.

According to him, governors were chief security officers by their position as empowered by laws, noting that state Police would be directly controlled by them thereby making it possible for the use of state police against their political enemies.

“I am not against the creation of state Police as being suggested, but state governors might use them against their perceived political enemies.

“A way to tackle insecurity to me, is to properly train Police officers, equip them and recruit enough numbers in line with United Nations recommendations,” he said.

He urged security agents to do more in intelligence gathering in order to burst criminal attacks before it happened rather than post-attack solutions, adding that lives lost were irrecoverable.

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